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On the Up-and-Up – Increasing Your Lead Conversion Rate

September 25, 2018

Scott Dine

Scott Dine

Partner + Technical Director

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Beefing up your website, updating your designs and layouts, refreshing content- these are all excellent ways to enhance your digital presence, putting you on the right path to increasing your conversion rate. But it takes ongoing efforts to build up your online presence and really capture the success you visualize with your website. Here’s 5 ways to put those efforts on the up-and-up and boost your conversion rate.

1. Maintain Regular, Funneled Content

Content is King, but many marketers often fail to trust this simple, tried and true ideology. Growing your online presence, boosting your search results, and landing increasingly qualified leads is elevated through a regular stream of well-intentioned content. Blogs, white papers, guest blogging, and social media all play a huge role in how your company shows up on search engines, and how your audience perceives and interacts with your business online. Stay steady, and stay regular when it comes to producing and maintaining quality content and you’ll start to see even more qualified leads pouring through the digital floodgates.

2. Utilize Email Campaigns

Staying in front of your audience is key to increasing your brand recognition, boosting your reputation, and ultimately keeping your firm on the minds of your prospective clients. Email newsletters and marketing campaigns can ensure that your messages land directly in front of prospective clients. Utilize email tools, like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, to build email contact lists, design and send emails, and track your performance. Consider newsletters to deliver tailored content, like mentioned in 1., or first-touch emails to introduce your business and highlight your services to new contacts.

3. Dive into Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing can quickly become expensive, especially for tactile marketing initiatives like direct mailers, commercials, billboards. With over 2 billion people online conducting over 3.5 billion searches per day, Pay Per Click (PPC) digital marketing is perhaps the best way for any small to mid-sized firms to connect with the audiences that matter. Your next client is more than likely already online and shopping around, and it’s becoming increasingly easy to connect with them as they search. Many firms find success with digital marketing because  it allows you to take control and set your budget, analyze what keywords are most sought after, and experiment with different strategies on-the-go. Digital marketing can become very successful, even on a small budget, with proper planning and audience targeting. Speaking of audience targeting, PPC digital marketing campaigns allows you to determine the exact demographic your ads go to, eliminating unnecessary spending.

4. Optimize Your Design

Simply put, your page designs will have an impact and how your visitors react and take action on your website. Hick’s Law states that the time it take for a consumer to make a decision is directly proportional to the number of options before them. The more options and the more items to read, the longer they will take to make a decision. The longer they take to make a decision, the more time they have to talk themselves of making a decision on you. Update your website and content designs to guide readers and visitors to swiftly make a decision.

5. Ramp Up Your Landing Pages

Emails, blogs, social content – these are all great ways to get visitors to your site. Once you’ve got them where you want them, it’s important that your website landing pages are maximized to drive better leads. Design will play a large role in how your landing pages perform, but the layout and the content you choose to place on those pages can also have a major effect on how, and if, your visitors take action. Talk about your services, back them up with testimonials, and provide clear-cut opt-in options. Ask your current clients what they like about your firm, and what ultimately encouraged them to make a decision to partner with you, and incorporate that feedback into the content. Landing pages also need to load fast – every 1 second delay in load times can ultimately reduce your conversions by 7%.

The biggest part of turning your digital presence into a goldmine for lead conversions is consistency, professionalism, and cohesiveness. The look and feel should be consistent at every step of the funnel. This shows your audience that you’re a professional firm that means business. Not only that, but it will subconsciously, and almost automatically, boost how they perceive your firm. For decision makers, having that innate trust and sensibility is half the battle. Act the part, look the part, and they will believe you are the real deal.

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