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Maximizing Your 2019 Marketing Goals

January 31, 2019

Scott Dine

Scott Dine

Partner + Technical Director

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We’re already two months into 2019 and, if you’re like us, you’ve got a hefty plate full of marketing goals you’re looking to knock out of the park this year. With 10 months left, it’s time to really kick it in gear and lay out your game plan for how you’re going to maximize your 2019 and reach those goals. But like most marketing departments, your budget and goals are set and now you’ve got to shine. How are you going to accomplish all of them, and within budget?

Pick your priorities

It’s easy to look at a plate full of goals with a hungry appetite, but it’s important that you prioritize your list and make a game plan. Take a 10,000 foot view and put it all together, like a roadmap with an understanding of how you’re going to get there. When does your first priority get accomplished? When does your last? How will you get them done and, for that matter, who will get them done? Larger projects will require a bigger investment in budget and labor. Smaller goals might be the opposite. Let’s evaluate each goal using this list:

1 – Size and importance

Simply put, the size and importance of each of your goals will ultimately be front-runners for prioritizing them. Take a look at how big your goals each are, and how important they are to your overall mission.

2 – Budget

Then, consider how your budget will allow for your progress throughout the year. If your top priorities are also your priciest, it might mean that they should be focused on immediately. If your lower priorities have high price tags, you may need to reconsider, or look for alternative options.

3 – Timelines and roadblocks

Some of your goals will take more time than others. Large, timely tasks need more planning, with deadlines marked to completion. Of course, not every plan is going to go, well, according to itself. Allow some leeway for mis-steps and roadblocks. Build in contingency plans and be prepared to use them. You never know when a planned marketing effort doesn’t shake out, like a software program not getting through your IT securities or a high-up not buying-in for your plans as-is.

This list is crucial to planning and preparing. Once you have your priority list, and know how you’re going to accomplish each item, you are going to be a lot closer to accomplishing all of your goals than you ever thought you’d be.

Analyze, tweak, and continue

Those guidelines are important for setting yourself up for success, but they are not meant to be a final solution. Maximizing your marketing efforts means constant reviewal and revision. Spend time after each quarter reviewing performance metrics and understanding ROI:

  • What types content did you create and share?
  • What avenues did you use?
  • How much did you spend per view/click/acquisition?
  • Who was your targeted audience?
  • Did your efforts reach the right people?

Engage and analyze your metrics. Dig deeper to understand what is working and what might not be. A good rule of thumb is to utilize the 90/10 rule; spend 90% of your efforts on proven routes, and 10% on experimentation. The slightest tweak can reap rewards for the future, so it’s always important to edit and get creative.

Don’t overstretch yourself

Burnout can be very real. If you’re overeager on your marketing goals and have stacked yourself too high to comfortably and confidently accomplish all of your marketing goals, you may need to step back and reanalyze. Review your list and use the guidelines above to make sure that you’re plate is full, but not overflowing.

Many marketing automation tools, like Hubspot and Mailchimp, offer automation for social media feeds, lead generation, and even email marketing that can help ease your workload. Additionally, there are tools designed to make how you operate within your business easier. Collaboration platforms, like Podio, Slack, and Trello, can enable your team to keep track of projects, store files, communicate quickly, and take your work on-the-go with a mobile app.

Know when to ask for help

Your marketing goals are important, that’s why you’ve set them. However, it can be a challenge to manage all of your daily operations while ensuring that all of your strategic goals stay on track. If you begin to feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, ask for help from a teammate instead of letting them fall to the wayside. If your internal team is too busy or not the best suited, lean on us for you back office marketing and design team. We’re happy to help review your marketing goals and work with you to reach them.

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