Why Your Business Should Be Generating Your Own Content5 min read

Blog, Content Marketing

Why Your Business Should Be Generating Your Own Content5 min read

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Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts – Oh My!

Generating your own material for content marketing can be a nerve wracking notion for many businesses, especially those whose service offerings fall far outside the “creative” realm. Even if the written word is not usually up your alley, a strong argument can be made for generating your own content. Often, this content will be in the form of a blog, but videos and podcasts are also a practical option if you have the means to produce quality content.

Below, we’ve outlined the top three reasons why businesses of all kinds should have in-house content marketing at the top of their priority list:

  1. Providing unique and original material
    When you, or someone in your office, generates the material, not only will there be a personal touch, but it creates a unique perspective and you share your expertise. Most clients appreciate content that comes from someone they may already know and trust. And, with an inside understanding of your business’ industry, you can craft content that is unique and tailored to your client’s needs and interests.
  1. Positioning yourself as thought leaders
    As humans, we tend to trust and want to work with people who we believe have a strong understanding of their field. While some clients may already trust your expertise without hearing your thoughts, providing content that further solidifies your knowledge within your industry will likely draw in any clients on the fence. Having a blog or podcast where a partner or executive can be seen as thought leaders in their industry brings immense value and credibility to your business.
  1. Boosting traffic for minimal cost
    Have you been spending money to run Facebook ads or a PPC campaign only to see a slight uptick in traffic on your site or a small increase in sales/client interaction? Although there is value in running ad campaigns for your business, creating strong content marketing often costs little to no money and can provide significant value in terms of traffic. Clients or potential clients have more reason to visit your site if there is new content available for them to read. And, once they check out your blog, they may decide to check out other areas of your site as well. Unique content also has immense SEO value, as you are able to incorporate more keywords that are search engine friendly and can get your business ranking on Google for a variety of topics. And lastly, if you often struggle to find content to post on your social media accounts, generating custom content provides material for a post weekly or monthly (and drives traffic back to your site).

We understand that content marketing can feel like a daunting task, but the value it can bring to your business is insurmountable. If you’re worried that no one at your company has the time or talents for generating your own content, working with someone to ghost write content for you is a viable option. Just make sure you are communicating the desired voice and topics you’re interested in so that writer can properly represent your brand. Whether you decide to keep it in-house or use a ghost writer, taking advantage of content marketing is a value proposition you do not want to let slip through the cracks.

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